The story of YouViaMe has just begun but the begining is a story worth telling.

The idea of YouViaMe – the matchmaking app where your friends take control over your dating life – started when Isabelle Edlund, the founder and CEO, became single and tried different dating apps and services to see if she could meet someone new.

When testing them she realised that there were obstacles that were the same no matter which app or service she tried.

The biggest obstacle she saw was that only a small percentage of interactions lead to an actual date.

As the serial entrepreneur she is she asked all her single friends to see how many dates they’ve been on and it was like she thought, some had been on dates but not all of them.

The idea of YouViaMe started to take shape and was launched in Sweden for IOS in July 2017.

The journey of YouViaMe has just begun and we can’t wait to see where it leads.


Our mission is the foundation of YouViaMe, it’s what helps us grow stronger in our belief that we’re about to disrupt the dating industry.

We want to help people date and fall in love with the person on the other side of YouViaMe.

That’s why we’ve removed all the unnecessary things that are standing in the way. What would that be you might ask?

We’ve removed the chat, the swiping left and right, all the people looking for hookups, harassment and as if that wasn’t good enough, we’ve also removed the possibility to cheat (Well people can try, but you can’t pay to hide yourself in YouViaMe).

Instead every match in YouViaMe is a 50% chance it’s a date and every match is validated by one of your friends who knows you both.

Let’s explain how YouViaMe works:

YouViaMe has two users, one that signs up as a matchmaker and one that is both matchmaker and single.

Your friend signs up as a matchmaker and can see all their friends who signed up as a single user (you for instance), your matchmaker then picks you and scrolls through the list of singles matching your preferences. Your matchmaker then writes an explanation why you should meet and you both get a match request that your matchmaker wants you to meet.

This is where the 50% comes in, If you say yes, and the other person says yes it’s a date. We know you’re laughing and wondering how we can be so cocky that it’s going to be a date, but it’s true, the second both of you say yes, YouViaMe asks you both when you can meet in the following 7 days.

But wait? What are you going to do on the first date, what are you going to wear, how will any of this be managed when you can’t chat to each other?

Your matchmaker, who knows you both and matched you now gets to decide what your first date activity should be by looking in our catalogue of dating activities.


It all starts with a yes.

We love you!


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