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Maybe you stumbled upon our join us page, maybe you’re just curious to see what positions we have lined up or as we hope – you would love to be a part of an idea and team that has the aspiration to become the next unicorn. We’re hoping that’s the case, as we know that a successful company isn’t a one hen show.

We would love to add amazing new team members who are confident in taking charge, showing us new ways to do things, being one step in front of the rest and always adding value. We have thousands of ideas, but far-out thoughts and fresh perspectives are always welcome. Composing our team for awesomeness is something we really aim to succeed with.

When we’re looking for team members we don’t care about your age, your gender, your ethnicity, if you have any disability, who you love etc. Instead (Mind blown) we want to know what you know, your skills, what you can bring to the table and that you’re a team player.

If we got you intrigued then we would love to get to know you. Email us

We love you!


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